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News: Birchville Bridge

Upper Hutt’s new Birchville Bridge on track

The brand new Birchville Bridge has reached another milestone and is on target for completion. UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 07 FEB 2017—Progress on the installation of the new bridge at Birchville in Upper Hutt is continuing as planned. Last week saw the successful installation of the two steel beams that will support the deck. The… Read more »

Bridge Road Update: Thursday 29 September

The old bridge has now been demolished. Inspection of the demolished 134 year old centre pier showed no sign of any piles. The  independent report last year on cause of bridge failure noted that the central pier of the bridge appeared to be founded on gravel with no sign of piles or bedrock. This is… Read more »

Contractor for construction of new bridge (Birchville) announced

Three tenders were received for the construction of the new bridge. The successful contractor was Brian Perry Civil Ltd with a price of about $2.1M. Initial planning was for the existing bridge to be demolished before the fish spawning season ie before 31 May. The Brian Perry methodology delays demolition till around beginning of September… Read more »

Bridge Road temporary services bridge to be lifted into position

It is proposed to lift the 50m temporary services bridge into position at about 1:00pm today. If you intend watching please keep out of the construction area for safety reasons and clear of workmen. Once the bridge is in place new services will be laid on it so that those on the existing bridge can… Read more »

Bridge Road Update: Temporary Services Bridge

Tenders have closed for the construction of a temporary services bridge and the successful contractor is Fulton Hogan Ltd. They have a bridge suitable for the purpose in their Auckland yard. The bridge will be transported to Upper Hutt and assembled on site. The contractors preliminary program is to be on site 2 March. They… Read more »

Bridge Road Update

The New Bridge Tenders will be called for the new bridge mid next week (9 February) with the successful tenderer appointed around mid-March. The successful contractor’s first operation will be the demolition of the old bridge during April/May before the fish spawning season and ordering the special steel for the beams from China. Contract completion… Read more »

Bridge Road and Larchmont Grove Update

Since the temporary access into Bridge Road has been open, Council has been fielding complaints in relation to people using the access road not coming to a complete stop as they enter Larchmont Grove. This has been causing concerns as it lowers the level of safety for all road users and could cause an accident.… Read more »

Bridge Road Update: Thursday 24 December 2015

From the day that the bridge collapsed we have been working on options for replacement including initiating resource consents, determining funding sources, options for maintaining water /sewer etc services during construction of the new bridge, a site topographical survey, preparing a geotechnical investigation drilling contract to determine the presence of rock for foundation design and… Read more »