Disability Support

Council aims to support our community to be more inclusive of those living with a disability or impairment.

Through supporting local and valley wide initiatives, programmes and steering groups, and by creating our own resources such as the DIScover programme (a programme aimed at supporting customer service staff to be more inclusive), we aim to encourage people both in the community and workplace to gain a better understanding towards those living with a disability.

DIScover: Serving customers with disabilities

DIScover is an Upper Hutt City Council-produced document developed to encourage social change. It provides staff working in customer service roles guidance on how to provide excellent service to people with disabilities.

More information about DIScover


ADAPT is the Upper Hutt City Council’s Inclusive Recreation Programme. It aims to expand the number of active recreation activities available to local residents who have any sort of impairment or disability.

Upper Hutt City Council also align with the National Disability Strategy.

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Last updated on 11 Oct 2016