Council provides animal control services for the community, specifically for dogs, livestock and poultry. The main role that the Council becomes involved in is that of dog control. This can be in the form of advice and assistance, dog registrations, complaints and problem behaviours.

Upper Hutt is a great place to own a dog, there are many dog friendly areas to walk and exercise your dog. It is important though to keep your dog under control when its on and off its lead, as other people, including young children use the same parks, some of whom may be nervous around dogs. If you do not think that you can control your dog off the lead, in other words, if your dog does not come to you when you call, it is always safer to keep your dog on its lead.

You must take care around any dog, as all dogs can bite. By keeping your dog under control you can prevent any problems occurring. Taking your dog to obedience classes can help, but if you find that your dog is displaying problem behaviour, you can contact a dog behavioural specialist to assist you in trying to solve these issues.

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Last updated on 05 May 2016