There are currently no impounded animals.

Fees and payments

Payment of impounding and other fees should be made at the Council building during office hours. Arrangements will then be made for the return of your dog.

There are a number of ways you can pay accounts owing to the Upper Hutt City Council including online payment.

Ways to pay

For further information or to contact the Animal Control office telephone (04) 527 2169 during office hours. Calls after hours are directed to answer services and urgent matters are notified to an Animal Control officer.

Use the menu links in the Resources & Links section for more information.

Schedule of Fees and Charges

View or download the ‘Schedule of Fees and Charges’ (refer page 12 for Dog fees) from the Resources & Links section for detailed information on dog fees, registration and impounding, replacement disks and permit to keep more than two dogs on a property.

Schedule of fees and charges [PDF 909 KB]

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Last updated on 24 Mar 2017