Council is committed to supporting local event organisers in developing quality, family friendly events in Upper Hutt.

We have a dedicated liaison who can support the event planning process with information and practical advice, as well as identifying opportunities for growth of your event and audience.

Council has a contestable pool of funds to support a limited number of events each year. To be eligible to receive funding for events in the Upper Hutt area you will need to demonstrate significant economic and/or community benefit to the Upper Hutt area.

Should you wish to apply for funding for your event, please write a letter to Council providing details about your event such as:

  • A description of your event
  • The amount you are asking for
  • What this funding will be used for
  • How this event will support our community/economy
  • An event budget including details of how you plan to fund the event, including any grants applied for/granted
  • Location – a map of the area where the event will be held
  • Anticipated number of participants and a brief description of who your audience may be
  • Adverse weather plans – cancellation, postponement or alternative venue
  • Health and safety plans – such as marshals for crowd and traffic management, lost children
  • Traffic management
  • First Aid plan
  • Insurance
  • Rubbish and recycling
  • Emergency services access
  • Signage
  • Public transport – will your event affect any buses operating in the area?
  • Promotion – how will the event be communicated to those in the area immediately affected by any temporary road closure and the general public.

Please note that event management fees will not be funded.

Application letter should be emailed to:

Please note that Councils’ decision on funding is final and event organisers must apply each year for annual events.

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Last updated on 26 Aug 2016