Maidstone Park Sports Centre – Artificial Turfs

Multi-use turf that caters for hockey, football and rugby

Maidstone Park Sports Centre consists of two artificial turfs, one hockey turf and one multi-use turf, which is primarily used for rugby and football. The sports centre also has an onsite pavilion with changing room, toilet and kiosk. There are no baby changing facilities. The upstairs area of the pavillion is leased by the Upper Hutt Football Club and is utilised as clubrooms. Click here to book an artificial turf.

Maidstone Park Charitable Trust and the Sports Centre

The intent of the Trust is to work with the Football and Rugby Associations and maximise the use of the turf. As a result, these institutions receive priority access to the turf. While priority will also be given to Upper Hutt Football/Rugby Clubs and Upper Hutt schools, this does not restrict access to other community groups and sports.

Hockey turf bookings

Email to book a hockey turf. Visit for more information about hockey in Wellington.

Football and rugby turf bookings

Email to book a football or rugby turf or telephone 027 457 0770. All football and rugby turf bookings are managed by the Maidstone Park Charitable Trust.

Contact details for Maidstone Park Charitable Trust

The Secretary
Maidstone Park Charitable Trust
PO Box 40367
Upper Hutt

Trust Chairman
Peter Thomas – 027 441 5377

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Last updated on 20 Jun 2016