Project update: 1 May 2017

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Road Users

The new roundabout has now been open for around two weeks, and we hope you are getting used to the new entrances, exits and temporary ramp extents to SH2. Hopefully, you have not experienced too many delays, while people are adjusting to the removal of the traffic lights.

We’ve been working closely with the NZ Transport Agency to manage traffic flows through the area as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, due to the order in which the project is be built, we needed to open the roundabout before the on and off-ramps were at their full length and alignment. This was a planned decision, and the team is working as quickly as possible to have these ramps finished.

We have reduced the speed limit on SH2 though the site to 70km/h. This is to assist road users entering from the roundabout. This will remain in force until the on-ramps to SH2 have been extended to their final length.

The speed limit on SH58, near to the interchange with SH2 has been reduced to 50km/h and this will remain in force until July 2017. This speed restriction allows the team to safely work behind the barriers alongside the road, and below the road in McDougall Grove.

The road width has been reduced slightly in this area, so please take extra care and give cyclists a wide berth when passing them.

We will shortly start replacing the kerbing to SH2. The road surface will be replaced in the spring once the temperature warms up. Due to this type of asphalt’s composition it is not able to be laid during colder weather.

Manor Park Station pedestrian bridge

The shared pedestrian and cycle bridge has also been opened for several weeks now. The stairs have taken longer to manufacture than expected. However, we hope to complete installation of these as well as the ramp to Golf Road in May. Once completed, we will vacate this area and work to get the old school grounds back to their pre-construction condition. The continued assistance of the land-owner is greatly appreciated by the team.

McDougall Grove

The entry and exit to McDougall Grove is now close to its final design. However, as we have some work to complete in this area there may be times when we will be operating a “stop / go” system.

We should not need to access the road for any longer than five minutes at a time, with the work largely taking place outside of peak times. Our team will be happy to assist, should you need to urgently enter or exit the area.


Below is a tentative timetable for the opening of various areas in the remaining parts of the project.

Roundabout:We are aiming to have the south bound onramp to/from SH2 fully open by mid-May. At that time, Hebden Crescent and Belmont Regional Park will be accessible to traffic from SH58 and Upper Hutt, via the roundabout. The timing is weather dependent, and as usual we will let you know if anything changes. The north bound on ramp to SH2 will be completed later.

Cycle ways: The cycle ways should be open in late June. This is to allow the team to complete other parts of the project adjacent to the cycle ways. If circumstances allow, we may open the southbound cycle lane earlier. In the meantime, please take care at the intersection.

Park and Ride, McDougall Grove: This will be open in July. Until then, we will continue to use this area as a compound and storage area to enable completion of the remaining project works.

Planting: We will commence the planting of approximately 120,000 plants shortly

Upcoming works

Continued construction of

  • Cycle ways and underpasses.
  • Installation of lighting along the cycle lanes and through the underpasses.
  • Continued construction of pedestrian bridge ramps and stairs from Manor Park station to new Park and Ride car park.
  • Construction of the Park and Ride car parks.
  • Final construction of the on and off ramps to/from SH2 to the interchange.
  • Final construction of new pavements and surfacing.

Project completion

The project was originally scheduled to be completed in mid-June. Unfortunately, the programme has had to be revised due to the recent severe weather events, which means we will about a month later than expected. We do thank you for your continued patience as we work towards completion.


Further information regarding the project can also be found at:

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Project Stakeholder Manager, Russell Obee on 0800 007 425 or email

Use the links in the Resources and Links section to view the project overview on the NZTA website or to watch an earlier flyover of the work site.

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Last updated on 01 May 2017