Project update: 8 June 2017

planting begins at Haywards Interchange Haywards Interchange view from the North looking South
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Road Users

The speed limit on SH58, near to the interchange with SH2 has been reduced to 50km/h and this will remain in force until July 2017. This speed restriction allows the team to safely work behind the barriers alongside the road, and below the road in McDougall Grove.

The road width has been reduced slightly in this area, so please take extra care and give cyclists a wide berth when passing them.

We will shortly start replacing the kerbing to SH2. The road surface will be replaced in the spring once the temperature warms up. Due to this type of asphalt’s composition it is not able to be laid during colder weather.

Manor Park Station pedestrian bridge

The lighting, stairs and ramp directly to Golf Road will be completed over the coming weeks. We will then vacate this area. We have also commenced reinstatement of the old school land.

McDougall Grove

This area is nearly complete, with final sealing to happen as soon as the area is dry.

Park and Ride, McDougall Grove:

This will be open in late July.

Cycle ways

The southbound cycle way has opened and being well used by early morning cyclists. The northbound lane will be open in July. This is to allow the team to complete other parts of the project adjacent to this cycle way.


We are about half-way through the planting of 120,000 plants. With help from the extensive mulching (unfortunately a bit smelly), the plants should have a great start and will quickly grow.

Noise wall

The noise wall adjacent to properties near Annabell Grove will be built over the coming weeks.

Approach from SH58

This is on track to be completed in July.

Upcoming works

Continued construction of:

  • Northbound cycle way and underpasses
  • Pedestrian bridge ramps and stairs from Manor Park station to the new Park and Ride car park
  • Construction of the Park and Ride car parks
  • Final construction of northbound on ramp
  • Final construction of new pavements and surfacing
  • Repairs of pot holes, caused by construction vehicles, on Benmore Crescent
  • De-commission of the compound and exit from the site

Further information or enquiries

Further information regarding the project can also be found at:

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Project Stakeholder Manager, Rob Sharpe on 0800 007 425 or email

Use the links in the Resources and Links section to view the project overview on the NZTA website including video footage of developments on the work site.

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Last updated on 12 Jun 2017