vote2016_logoUpper Hutt City Council elections were held on Saturday 8 October 2016.

Local elections within Upper Hutt include Mayor and Council, as well as Greater Wellington Regional Council, Hutt Mana Charitable Trust, Hutt Valley District Health Board and Rimutaka Licensing Trust.

Elections for all local authorities in New Zealand are held every three years using the postal voting method with voting papers being delivered from 16 September 2016.

The elections will be conducted under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001, the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and the Local Government Act 2002.

The Electoral Officer for Upper Hutt City and the Rimutaka Licensing Trust is Warwick Lampp from

The Deputy Electoral Officer is Wendy Lewin (general enquiries).

Phone: (04) 527-2133
Fax: (04) 528-2652

2016 Election Results

Final results

The final result for the Hutt City Council elections held on Saturday 8 October is as follows.

Click on a link below to view the final results for the local elections.

View/download the Upper Hutt City Council 2016 Triennial Elections Final Result [PDF 36 KB]

View/download the Hutt Mana Charitable Trust 2016 Triennial Elections Final Result [PDF 64 KB]

View the preliminary results for the election of the Hutt Valley District Health Board on Hutt City Councils website.

Election returns

The number of election returns received to date is published on the Electionz website and is updated daily.

View the number of election returns received to date on the Electionz website

Return of election donations and expenses for the Local Body Elections held Saturday 8 October 2016

The ‘Return of electoral expenses and electoral donations’ is a public document which we are required under legislation to make available for inspection by any person for a period of seven years after the date of election.

Candidates are required to submit a ‘Return of electoral expenses and electoral donations’ within 55 days of the publication of the election result.

Links to each of the candidate’s ‘Return of election donations expenses’ are provided below. For 2013 elections please click here.

Mayoralty (1 Vacancy)

  1. Wayne Guppy Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 834 KB]
  2. Alan Jefferies Electoral Expenses (Mayor) 2016 [PDF 205 KB]

Councillors—at large (10 Vacancies)

  1. Vicki Amai Waiwai Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 189 KB]
  2. Michael Anderson Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 130 KB]
  3. Chris Carson Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 307 KB]
  4. Ros Connelly Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 186 KB]
  5. Blair Griffiths Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 406 KB]
  6. John Gwilliam Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 455 KB]
  7. Alan Jefferies Electoral Expenses (Council) 2016 [PDF 187 KB]
  8. Harry Dale Kent Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 183 KB]
  9. Paul Lambert Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 200 KB]
  10. Nigel Mander Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 472 KB]
  11. Glenn McArthur Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 167 KB]
  12. Angela McLeod Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 302 KB]
  13. Rob Rangi Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 355 KB]
  14. Adrian Sparrow Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 310 KB]
  15. Hellen Swales Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 1 MB]
  16. Steve Taylor Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 274 KB]
  17. Tracey Ultra Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 455 KB]
  18. Dave Wheeler Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 239 KB]
  19. Karen de Wit Electoral Expenses 2016 [PDF 117 KB]

Rimutaka Licensing Trust (6 Vacancies)

There was no contest for the Rimutaka Trust board members so no election was held in 2016.

Key dates for elections

13 July 2016 Public notice of election
15 July 2016 Nominations open
Electoral roll opens for inspection
12 August 2016 Nominations close 12 noon
Electoral roll closes
17 August 2016 Public notice of candidate names
16 – 21 September 2016 Voting documents delivered
16 September – 8 October 2016 Voting period including special voting
Early processing period
8 October 2016 Election Day – voting closes at 12 noon
Progress/preliminary results
13 – 19 October 2016 Declaration of results
Mid December 2016 Return of election expense forms

Candidate information

Candidate profiles booklet for Upper Hutt City Council, Hutt Mana Charitable Trust and Hutt Valley District Health Board

Please note: There is no election required for Greater Wellington Regional Council or Rimutaka Licensing Trust due to the number of candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies.

Download the Candidate profiles booklet from the electionz website [PDF 11 MB]

Nominated candidates

View candidates nominated to date on the electionz website

Candidate information handbook

This handbook is designed to help candidates during the electioneering period with information that is specific to the Upper Hutt City Council’s local government election.

Candidate information handbook [PDF 1.5 MB]

Links to Greater Wellington Regional Council and Hutt Valley District Health Board candidate information handbooks are provided in the Resources and Links section.

Special voting

Special voting is available at Upper Hutt City Council administration building between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and will also be open on Saturday 8 October from 9am to 12 noon.

Reasons to make a Special Vote might include:

  • your name does not appear on the final electoral roll at your current address, but you qualify as an elector
  • you did not receive a voting document
  • your voting document previously posted to you has been spoiled, misplaced or damaged
  • you are on the unpublished electoral roll.

For further information please contact the Deputy Electoral Officer Wendy Lewin on 04-5272133 or email

Click here for more information about enrolling to vote

Election signage

For information about candidate election signage requirements please refer to the following documents:

Links to more information including the 2013 local election results are provided in the Resources & Links section.

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