Bridge Road update: Contractor for construction of new bridge announced

Three tenders were received for the construction of the new bridge. The successful contractor was Brian Perry Civil Ltd with a price of about $2.1M. Initial planning was for the existing bridge to be demolished before the fish spawning season ie before 31 May.

The Brian Perry methodology delays demolition till around beginning of September 2016. Because demolition won’t start till round September it may seem that no work is being done on the bridge. However that won’t be correct as the steel has to be ordered from China and then fabricated off site.

The construction of the steel beams is on the critical path. The opportunity has been taken to improve the alignment from Bridge Rd onto the new bridge.

Brian Perry’s completion date for the bridge is 27 January 2017. At that stage the water, sewerage, gas and telco services will be relocated back onto the new bridge and the temporary services bridge dismantled. Work will also start at that stage on closing the present temporary emergency access road from Larchmont Grove.