Young ideas help shape the future of Upper Hutt

Students from Upper Hutt’s local schools recently took part in a workshop on Upper Hutt’s Land Use Strategy.

UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 28 APR 2016—Upper Hutt City Council is currently consulting on the draft Land Use Strategy 2016 – 2043. As part of this, Council decided to seek input from the city’s young residents in order to provide additional balance and vision to the feedback. On March 24, twelve students representing Maidstone Intermediate, Fergusson Intermediate, and St Joseph’s Catholic School attended a workshop at the Council to provide their ideas for the future of Upper Hutt.

The focus of the workshop was looking forward 30 years, and the students considered housing, the economy, environment, and infrastructure. Key themes in their feedback included the recognition that both housing density and types of housing in the city would need to change, and that excellent public transport would be key to supporting growth.

The students also felt that diverse recreation and tourism opportunities and maintaining a good supply of open space were important to the quality of life Upper Hutt offers. Most of them agreed that a vibrant city centre that included not only diversity of shopping and entertainment but more affordable residential development was desirable, with many of them stating that this was key to retaining young adults in the city.

The Mayor attended the workshop to hear the ideas, and commended the students on their vision and enthusiasm. “These young people will be the city’s adults in the future. It’s really important that we listen to their ideas now and work hard to make Upper Hutt the place they want to be in and help to thrive.”

Consultation on the Land Use Strategy is open until Thursday 19 May. Submissions can be made on the forms available at the Council offices, Library and Expressions, or online at