First week of recycling station trial delivers mixed results




The first week of the 12 month recycling station trial in Upper Hutt has produced mixed results.

The response from Upper Huttites to the station has been largely positive, with many residents choosing to use the station, which we are very proud of. It is wonderful to see such commitment to our environment.

However, the first week hasn’t been all positive.

The first week saw the drop off point pushed to its limit, with Waste Management requiring extra trucks to pick up the overflow, in turn driving up the costs of the trial.

We appreciate your patience during the trial and thank you for your support, especially during the first few weeks as residents take care of all the recycling they’ve got stored up.

Council acknowledges the frustration that has been experienced by some when turning up to the recycling station only to find it full, and needing to return home with your recycling.

Sadly, we have found some users have abused the facility already by leaving household waste, paint tins, and even rotting fruit at the recycling station. Contaminated items need to be separated by Waste Management and redirected to landfill, which costs ratepayers over and above the budgeted costs of the trial. We believe Upper Hutt is a great community, but these actions harm the trial and put the drop off point at risk.

Trials are not meant to be perfect. They are designed to test things and discover what can, and should, be changed to make it better for everyone We are monitoring usage closely during the trial and will make adjustments along the way to better suit our needs as a community.

Council will establish a “no parking” zone directly in front of the gates to the Park Street depot as they are used by the Upper Hutt Rural Fire Force, who are based there, and must be kept clear in case of emergency.

Security cameras have been installed at the station to ensure there is no illegal dumping or commercial use of the facility. We are very committed to the trial, and offenders will be prosecuted.

There’s no such thing as free recycling, but with the support of our community this trial will hopefully deliver a service that complements the current user-pays kerbside recycling, and is enjoyed by all.

The recycling station is open from 7:30 am to 8.00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Outside of these times the bins will be unavailable to allow Waste Management to service the station.

For more information, including what can and can’t be recycled, go to or contact Council’s Sustainability Officer on (04) 527 2169.

Pictured: Prohibited items found on Saturday at the Park Street recycling station