Bridge Road update: Birchville Bridge on track

The brand new Birchville Bridge has reached another milestone and is on target for completion.

UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 07 FEB 2017—Progress on the installation of the new bridge at Birchville in Upper Hutt is continuing as planned. Last week saw the successful installation of the two steel beams that will support the deck. The beams were craned into place and stretch from bank to bank, eliminating the need for a central support pier. Progress was initially slowed by the breakdown of a crane, but was soon back on track to meet the projected milestone.

Now the beams are in place, a set of precast concrete planks will be installed across the beams to make up a substrate for the bridge deck. The deck will then be poured and, with the help of steel bolts from the beams through the planks, will tie all the items together, effectively causing the bridge to function as a single piece.

Following the deck pouring will be the installation of guard rails and hand rails. This will complete the bridge and after a site tidy-up will have it ready for use.

Some of the work is still dependent on the weather which might cause delays if conditions become challenging.

“The end is in sight,” says Upper Hutt Mayor, Wayne Guppy. “We are looking forward to having this new bridge in place—a relief for our very patient residents of Bridge Road, and improved access to the Birchville walkway and dam.”

Mayor Guppy is expected be onsite in early March to officially open the new bridge at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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