Bridge Road update: (Birchville) Bridge construction nears completion

UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 06 MARCH 2017—Construction of the bridge is approaching completion.

The concrete deck has been poured and the contractor is waiting on the concrete to cure.

Preparation for the settlement slabs on the east and west abutments is under way as is the fixing of brackets for utility services.

Work to be undertaken in next three weeks includes fixing the pipes and ducts to the bridge for Water, Wastewater, Telecommunications and Gas and the connection of these to the existing services. Guard rail installation will also commence and the approach roads each end of the bridge will be reinstated plus affected driveways.

The excavated bank into 2 Bridge Rd will be hydro seeded on completion of the pavement works. The temporary services bridge will be removed at the end of the contract.

Unfortunately due to various delays and problems completion is now towards the end of March. Once the bridge is open for traffic the temporary road through to Totara Park will be closed and decommissioned with the land through private property reinstated to farm land.

The section through the Akatarawa Forest reserve will be retained and maintained as a cycleway by council under agreement with the Regional Council.

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