SH2/SH58 Haywards Interchange Roundabout opening over Easter weekend

We are approaching a major milestone in the SH2/ SH58 interchange project, with traffic to start flowing on the new roundabout over Easter weekend.

If you’re travelling through this area, the road layout will be different to what you’re used to, so following is a quick guide on how to use the new interchange.

If you’re driving straight through on State Highway 2, the main change you’ll notice is that there are no more traffic signals. Please stay in the right-hand lane where possible, to allow those accessing State Highway 58 to use the new off-ramps.

If you’re driving north on State Highway 2, from Wellington, and want to head onto State Highway 58, you’ll need to take the temporary off-ramp on your left which then joins the new roundabout. This layout is needed while the construction team finishes work in this area, it will change to a standard layout in a month or so. Please take care and follow the speed limit.

If you’re driving towards Wellington on State Highway 2 from Upper Hutt, and want to travel to either Manor Park or onto State Highway 58, you’ll need to take the off-ramp on your left which then joins to the new roundabout. You can go left to Manor Park or take the third exit to head up SH58.

If you’re driving on State Highway 58, you’ll take the first exit on new roundabout to head north on State Highway 2 towards Upper Hutt; or take the second exit to access Manor Park, or you can continue around the roundabout to the third exit to head south towards Wellington.

While the interchange layout is new please be patient, and take extra care, especially as other drivers are new to this too. Please also keep an eye out for cyclists.

There’ll be plenty of signage to guide you and a lower speed limit will be in place to allow everyone to get used to the new layout.

We’ll be moving forward with planting, finishing the cycle bypasses, park and ride car park and various other finishing works between now and June.

Cyclists please note the flowing important information:

The separated cycle paths will be opening in June, as there’s still work to be completed in these areas. As it’s a construction site we need to stop members of the public passing through in the meantime.

As a cyclist, you’ll need to travel through the interchange past the off-ramps, the same way you do at Dowse for the moment. If you’re wanting to get on or off State Highway 58 or Manor Park, just use the off-ramps and roundabout.

Please do take extra care as other road users get used to the new layout.

The website noted below will include an animation of how the interchange will work.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Russell Obee
Project Stakeholder Manager
Phone: 0800 007425 / 027 4483523

Further information regarding the project can also be found at: