Upper Hutt’s H²O Xtream hosts Xtream Toddler Time

Join H²O Xtream at the Xtream Toddler Time event these school holidays. 

UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 13 APR 2017— H²O Xtream is excited to be hosting Xtream Toddler Time on 22 April, during the school holidays. Xtream Toddler Time is a specialised event for toddlers and their parents, providing a fun, relaxed, and safe atmosphere where parents and caregivers can introduce their children to the water.

Acting Team Leader of Aquatics, Rhiann Collins says that Xtream Toddler Time provides an environment of fun to help toddlers explore the principles of water familiarisation with expert guidance from instructors before venturing into swimming lessons, “The benefits of introducing your child to the water at an early age can stimulate their senses to increase physical independence and self-awareness, while also instilling good social skills and improving confidence.”

“Let your littlie play in the leisure pool, which gradually gets deeper, giving you plenty of space to test out the waters at your own pace. Here at H²O Xtream, we believe that aquatic activities should be an enjoyable experience for infants, preschoolers, and their parents. A qualified and experienced swim instructor will also be on hand to help guide you during this exciting time.”

During Xtream Toddler Time, the leisure pool will be set up with activities, inflatables, pool toys, music, and slides to help provide the perfect fun environment to introduce toddlers to the water. There will be no waves or other water features operating during this time to provide a safe and relaxed environment.

H²O Xtream’s Wavebreakers Swim School provides a comprehensive range of quality swimming tuition that caters for all ages and abilities. Professional, qualified instructors follow a structured programme and teach the fundamentals through each level of progression—providing a valuable life skill. To find out more information, please visit our website: www.h2oxtream.com/wavebreakers-swim-school/learn-swim-preschool/

Please note: For health reasons, all toddlers under the age of 4 are required to wear waterproof nappies when in the pool and have a supervising swimming adult with them at all times.

Xtream Toddler Time event details

Date: Saturday 22 April
Time: 8.00 – 10.00 am
Price: $4 for all toddlers, which includes a slide pass. Supervising adult is free.
Website: www.facebook.com/events/1349428678427053/