Wellington Water: Water and wastewater pipe renewals to start in Upper Hutt’s city centre Monday 10 July

From 10 July to end of September 2017, Wellington Water will be renewing the aging water and wastewater pipes along Upper Hutt’s Main Street, Wakefield Street and Logan Street to improve the resilience of the infrastructure.

To minimise cost, and avoid multiple disruptions, Upper Hutt City Council will take the opportunity to upgrade the same sections of Main and Wakefield streets. The footpath, curb, gutter, and road surface will be upgraded as the pipe renewal work is completed. The roading improvements will extend the hours of work into the night and weekends. The roading work will also continue past the pipe renewal completion of 30 September. For more information on the roading work, contact Upper Hutt City Council’s Roading Manager, Patrick Hanaray on (04) 527 2169.

This is an excerpt from the media release from Wellington Water. To view the full release please go to the Wellington Water website: wellingtonwater.co.nz/about-us/news/water-and-wastewater-pipe-renewals-to-start-in-upper-hutts-city-centre-monday-10-july/