Draft Open Space Strategy 2017-2027 – consultation now open

Council is inviting submissions on its draft Open Space Strategy (2017-2027). The Council wants to know how you think Upper Hutt’s open space network can be improved to create better opportunities for recreation, our environment, and our economy.

Open spaces are places for public recreation and include parks, sports fields, reserves, civic spaces, and the pathways that connect them all. Pathways include tracks for people to walk and run, ride bikes, and in some areas, ride horses. Together, they form the open space network.

Council has come up with a strategic direction, along with five goals that form the basis for the draft strategy. The goals are supported by more specific objectives. A set of guidelines has been developed to help Council make decisions relating to the open space network in the future.

We’ve looked at each neighbourhood in the city and proposed opportunities for improving their open spaces. Have a look at the ideas we have for your neighbourhood and the city, and let us know what you think!

Visit consultation.upperhutt.com to view the draft strategy and to make a submission. The submission period closes at 5pm on Friday 13 October 2017. If you have any questions about the draft Open Space Strategy, please contact James McKibbin, Senior Policy Advisor, by email james.mckibbin@uhcc.govt.nz or call (04) 527 2143