Karapoti Road closed due to slip

A drop accompanied by a slip from the slope above the road has caused significant damage to Karapoti Road narrowing it to the point where we have had to close the road for safety reasons.

To protect the safety of road users, the road will be closed with concrete blocks to prevent any vehicle from driving across the top of the slip. This will be reassessed once the weather has cleared and the slip face has dried.

Council has a contractor ready to start repair work on Monday (2 October).

Full repairs are expected to take approximately 4 weeks. The actual length of time will depend of the final extent of the work found to be necessary, and we will update you on any changes to this schedule.

We expect to have some form of controlled access in place for residents towards the middle or end of next week.

Contact has been made with all of the residents who are aware of the situation as per this update.