GWRC: Rain washes toxic algae from Hutt River

Good news for swimmers. Recent rain has flushed toxic algae from the Hutt River/Te Awakairangi and Greater Wellington has given the all-clear for people to use it for recreation following an assessment undertaken earlier today.

“The heavy rainfall over the weekend resulted in seven times the median flow, enough to flush the river, and our latest assessment confirm that the significant growth found before Christmas has for the most part disappeared,” says Greater Wellington Environmental  Scientist – Freshwater – Dr Mark Heath.

“People can now swim and walk their dogs in the confidence that the river’s water no longer presents any danger from swallowing toxic algae.

“Given the dry summer, however, it is possible that toxic algae may recur so we urge people to check before they swim by visiting Greater Wellington’s website and reviewing the interactive maps that show the condition of our river, lake and coastal waters.”

Signs warning of toxic algae will be removed over the next 24 hours.

Greater Wellington monitors water quality on a weekly basis throughout summer and posts water ratings on the Is it Safe to Swim? pages of its website.

This is a media release from Greater Wellington Regional Council.