GWRC: Care urged for swimmers and dog walkers as toxic algae returns

Greater Wellington is urging swimmers and dog walkers to avoid the Hutt River/Te Awakairangi between Moonshine Park and Pomare Bridge following the reoccurrence of toxic algae in the area.

“High levels of toxic algae were recorded at Silverstream and we advise against swimming or taking dogs to this stretch of the river,” says Greater Wellington Environmental Scientist – Freshwater Dr Mark Heath.”

“Birchville, Maoribank Corner, and Poets Park also have new growth, though at lower levels and also with intact mats, so the likelihood of ingesting the algae there is low.”

“While it’s safe to use these parts of the river Greater Wellington advises people to be cautious, to keep an eye out and avoid any areas where it’s found.  We’re not currently concerned about toxic algae elsewhere in the region.”

“That doesn’t apply to dogs, however, which are still at risk from eating algae along the riverside and should be kept on a lead.”

Educational signs are up along the riverbank, warning people to look for toxic algae.

Greater Wellington monitors water quality on a weekly basis throughout summer and posts water ratings on the Is it Safe to Swim? pages of its website.

This is a media release from Greater Wellington Regional Council. For more information about this media release contact the Greater Wellington Regional Council mediaphone 021 914 266.