Upper Hutt Central Library building closure—9 March update

It’s now just over a month since the closure of the Upper Hutt Central Library building. We’re proud to say that most of our services have been up and running during that time, thanks to our adaptable staff and the great support from all of our customers. After establishing alternate service locations and schedules, we have kept things relatively stable, allowing staff and customers to get used to the changes, and making improvements and additions based on feedback. This milestone brings with it a couple more improvements to our service will hopefully increase access for a lot of customers—particularly those who can’t visit during business hours.

24/7 returns slot next to the Central Library building

One of the first steps taken when staff lost access to the Central Library building was to order a secure all-hours returns bin to be placed outside the Central Library. Unfortunately the arrival of this bin has been delayed, and because the 10 March extension applied to all issues ends this weekend, we’ve created a new returns slot into the side door of our Mobile Library garage, next to the Central Library building. This returns slot is now available 24/7. We’ve added signage around the building to indicate it’s location.

New holds pickup location

Moving our staff into the CBD Towers has also provided extra space to store holds for pickup. Unless specified otherwise, all holds placed will now be available for pickup on the 6th floor of the CBD Towers, within the hours stated below. This has also freed up shelf space on the Mobile Library bus for more books that customers can browse and issue immediately.

Free holds

Make the most of our limited-time free holds offer before it expires! Find a book (or lots of books) in our online catalogue that you would like to read, log in using your library card and PIN, and place a hold. A librarian will find it for you, put it on our holds shelf, and you will be contacted to let you know it’s ready for pickup. If you’d like help placing a hold, don’t hesitate to contact us or ask the next librarian you see at the Pinehaven or Mobile Library.

Public computers and Internet/WiFi access

As well as space for holds, we’ve been able to install public computers, Internet and WiFi access, with black and white printing in our temporary location in the CBD Towers. If you’re looking for a place to study or simply to check out our great Library Facebook page, come up and take a seat in this new quiet but small and comfortable space. Please also pass this information on to people you know who are in need of Internet access. Our usual rules and time restrictions apply. Opening hours for this location are at the bottom of this update.

10 March return date

Customers will recently have received notifications informing them that their issues are due tomorrow, Saturday 10 March. This is because immediately upon the Central Library building closure we extended all issues to this date. Because of the volume of returns expected (8,000 issues) we are allowing users a grace period. Customers will not be fined for issues due on 10 March as long as they’re returned on or before Tuesday 13 March. This should allow everyone time to access the new 24/7 returns slot installed in the side door of the Mobile Library garage (next to the Central Library building) or return their items through Pinehaven Library.

Pop-up Library

We are moving towards establishing a pop-up Library in the city centre. The timing and location are yet to be confirmed.

Opening Hours

Pinehaven Library
Monday to Friday: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Mobile Library—parked behind the Central Library building
Monday to Friday: 12.30 – 5.00 pm (open late until 6.30 pm Thursday)

CBD Towers—for holds, pickups, and computer and internet access
Monday to Friday: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm (open late until 6.30 pm Thursday)
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm