Have your say now on Upper Hutt’s Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028

Consultation is now open and the community is invited to have its say on the proposed projects, budgets, and policies in Upper Hutt City Council’s Long Term Plan consultation document.

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UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 23 MAR 2018—The adoption of Upper Hutt’s Long Term Plan consultation document on Wednesday sees public consultation open from today. Councillors unanimously carried the motion to adopt the document, which forms the basis by which Upper Hutt residents can provide feedback on the Long Term Plan for 2018 to 2028.

With a legacy of effective stewardship over its infrastructure assets, Upper Hutt is uniquely positioned to make significant investments over the next 10 years by extending, upgrading, and providing new assets. This will continue to strengthen the city’s vision—Life. Leisure. Live it!—and further enhance Upper Hutt’s position as a lifestyle destination.

“We’re looking forward to public feedback on this Long Term Plan,” says Upper Hutt Mayor, Wayne Guppy. “There are some great projects proposed, but we’re also not forgetting our core business to keep our growing city running smoothly. We’ve produced a plan that continues to steward our current resources and assets—maintaining our levels of service and building resilience—whilst keeping our rates affordable and our debt manageable.”

Anecdotal feedback was canvassed at last weekend’s March Madness fair in Upper Hutt. Results showed overwhelming positivity toward the 13 optional projects. Council is proposing to include in the Long Term Plan. Council is now formally seeking feedback on the plan and whether it should proceed with all, some or none of the optional projects.

The consultation document and supporting information are all available online at consultation.upperhuttcity.com. The consultation document will also be published in the Upper Hutt Leader newspaper on Wednesday 28 March. It includes a freepost submission form that users can detach and mail to Council.

The consultation period is open until 5.00 pm Friday, 27 April.