Representation Review now open for consultation

Have your say on our initial proposal for representation arrangements for the 2019 local elections.

Council is consulting on whether or not we should continue with our current representation arrangements. The Representation Review gives our community the chance to have its say about how many councillors there are, how they are elected, and if Upper Hutt should have community boards.

On Wednesday 23 May, Council made the following resolutions for the 2019 local body elections with a view to present these for community feedback:

  • To elect its Mayor and Councillors at large (no wards). This means that voters can vote for all Councillors. No change from the 2016 election format.
  • For ten (10) Councillors to be elected. No change from the 2016 election format.
  • No community boards to be established. No change from the 2016 election format.

The reason the total number of Councillors is proposed to remain at 10 (plus the Mayor) is to provide effective representation to Upper Hutt residents. The reason Councillors will continue to be elected at large, with no community boards established, is because Council considers Upper Hutt City to be a single community of interest.

Have your say

Consultation on the Representation Review is now open. Submissions close Friday, 20 July 2018.

For more information and to have your say, go to