Pot holes in Main Street

Council roading staff are aware of public concerns over some recurring potholes in Main Street (north). This section of road was affected by underground pipe renewals and new kerb construction late last year. Due to the recent wet weather delaying work programmes we have been unable to get on with resurfacing this section of road which would provide a more durable fix than the temporary patching that is currently there.

We agree that the potholes are not acceptable and apologise that our temporary repairs have failed prematurely. This is due to a combination of wet weather and the wear caused by vehicles as they enter and exit the angle parks.

The resurfacing work was originally programmed for late 2017 but a combination of circumstances has delayed this. Since then, contractor commitments have created further delays so the work is now planned to start around the 23 June. This will follow the completion of the resurfacing works in Fergusson Drive. Businesses that are likely to be affected by the resurfacing, will be notified individually before any work begins. How quickly this work can be completed will be dependent upon the weather—particularly rain and temperature.

In the meantime, in order to minimise inconvenience, we will repair the pot holes as soon as conditions make this possible.