Spearhead Sportastic, an active event for youth, by youth

Sportastic — a free event designed for youth, by youth will be an afternoon full of fun, food and friendly competition for Upper Hutt’s young people.

A group of 14 motivated young leaders from Upper Hutt have come together to plan and run an active event designed specifically for the City’s young people. The group is part of the Spearhead Leaders, a youth leadership programme developed and supported by Upper Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust.

The Spearhead Leaders mission is to empower youth voice and leadership in Upper Hutt. They value young people, community involvement and development, fun, individuality and diversity, and growth. They meet regularly to develop their leadership skills.

Based on the Spearhead Leaders values and the principles of co-design, which they learned about in their weekly leadership meetings earlier this year, the Spearhead Leaders are putting their learnings into practical use at the Sportastic event. The Spearhead Leaders surveyed potential Sportastic attendees to determine what active options to include in the event. Respondents told them that they wanted to have a mix of competitive and non-competitive options. As a result there’s a good mix of competitive sports including basketball, soccer and multi-sport complemented with some fan favourites including Coney Island, Capture the Flag and a water fight at the conclusion of the event.

“The Spearhead Leaders have worked really hard to plan this event”, says Council’s Community Development Advisor, Denise Johnson. “They’ve undertaken consumer research, worked in teams to create and execute a project plan, recruited volunteers, designed a marketing strategy and developed some real and transferable team work and leadership skills”.

The Sportastic event takes place on 14th October, on the rugby fields at Maidstone Park. Some activities will occur inside the nearby Collision Youth Centre. Sportastic starts at 12noon and runs until 3pm with a free BBQ and refreshments for participants. The event is designed for young people aged 12 – 18 years old.

“Sportastic is going to be an awesome event for 12-18 year olds! Whether you’re ‘sporty’ or not, it would be great to see you there because there’s something for everyone” says Spearhead Leader, Kyla Thompson.

The Spearhead Leaders are supported by three youth workers, a programme mentor and two youth mentors (who were themselves Spearhead Leaders in 2017).

Council’s continued support of this successful project is a commitment to youth development and community wellbeing as key elements contributing to Upper Hutt’s city vision.