Upper Hutt thanks Chris Upton for 13 years’ service

As Upper Hutt City Council welcomes a new Chief Executive, we recognise and thank our outgoing Chief Executive Chris Upton for his dedication and service to Upper Hutt.

UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ 31 OCT 2018—After 13 years’ service at Upper Hutt City Council, Chief Executive Chris Upton has made the difficult decision to pursue new challenges. For both Chris and Upper Hutt City Council, this marks the end of an era and a new beginning for our community.

Chris has been Chief Executive of Upper Hutt City Council since March 2011. Prior to this he held numerous directors roles within the Council, ranging from business development and strategic planning through to building control and regulatory services. Joining Council at a challenging time for economic growth across the country, Chris led Upper Hutt through some significant developments, working alongside landowners and developers to increase economic activity within Upper Hutt.

“When I think back on some of those early challenges, like the economic recession and a declining city centre, I also think of the major in-roads we have made. From the establishment of the Mitre10 Mega big box retail and Alexander Park industrial sites, to the successful Economic Development Stimulus Policy which attracts jobs and new investment, our Council has always had the growth of our economy front and centre, and I’m really proud to have been a part of leading that,” says Chris.

As Chief Executive, Chris has been an advocate for Upper Hutt at a regional level, representing our community on significant projects such as governance, tourism and infrastructure development, and strategic initiatives. Under Chris’ leadership we have seen successes such as the development of the Hutt River and Remutaka Cycle Trails, continued improvements to Council’s facilities, and the launch of our city vision, “Life. Leisure. Live it!

“Council has made great strides to advance the city’s prospects in Chris’ time as Chief Executive. I am very keen to see this continue,” says Mayor Wayne Guppy. “I thank him for the work he has done as CE here in Upper Hutt and wish him all the best in his new role.”

Our community has gone from strength to strength in the past decade, propelled by the passionate people who choose to call Upper Hutt home, as well as our business community who continue to support our economy with innovative ideas and fresh approaches to a changing environment.

“Upper Hutt has always been a passion of mine; I love this city, and the people who choose to live and do business here. I have truly enjoyed the challenges and rewards that working in Local Government has given me,” says Chris. “It is unique in the fact that you actually get to make a tangible difference within your local community, and I look forward to seeing Upper Hutt continue to grow.”

We look forward to another decade of growth and success, and on behalf of Council and its staff, we wish Chris the very best in his next endeavour.

Chris is succeeded by Peter Kelly, who has been appointed for 5 years from 7 November 2018.