Upper Hutt City Council Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Council has released its Annual Report for 2017 – 2018 celebrating another eventful year working towards Upper Hutt’s ‘Life. Leisure. Live it!’ vision.

Upper Hutt City Council formally adopted the report on 31 October and it is now available online at upperhuttcity.com

The Annual Report is a document Council puts out each year outlining achievements and accountability to the community for decisions made throughout the year.

Of note in this year’s report is a two-page photo montage, showing historic memories of Upper Hutt Central Library. From the early 1950s above the Red Robin milk bar in Main Street, through to the current Pop-Up Library in CBD Towers, the photo montage captures a journey of community heart, and resilience.

It’s been an eventful year to date for the library, customers, and staff. Council proved itself dedicated to the cause; the can-do attitude of Library staff ensured the community remained connected and supported through the many programmes set-up at the Pop-Up Library.

As well as highlights from the past year, the downloadable report includes performance measures and financial information. Readers can see how Council has performed against objectives and performance targets which were outlined in year three of the Long Term Plan 2015 – 2025.

For those readers wanting a quick overview, a summary of key information from the report is available in Council’s Annual Report Summary 2017 – 2018.

Highlights from this year include:

  • Choose to Reuse campaign: Aimed to raise awareness and reduce the long-term environmental impact of plastics on our environment
  • City centre upgrade: Along with the relocation of two of the city’s popular statues, the upgrade has given the area a modern feel, and redirected foot traffic to Main Street
  • Youth Employment Programme: Keeping it REAL (Realistic Employment Aspirations Locally) Over half of the initial intake of young people are now employed, and many of the remaining have made progress towards employment
  • Brewtown has become an international venue, with Council hosting 150 delegates from around the world there in March this year. Delegates chose to experience Upper Hutt craft beer on the day prior to their departure
  • PopUp Business School Aotearoa: helping budding entrepreneurs achieve early success. This programme was described by candidates as “life-changing”

Upper Hutt has plenty to look forward to as its future gets bigger and brighter, and Council looks forward to working with the community to make our great city even better.

Read/download the Annual Report documents