Slip blocking Akatarawa Road—road now open

Land slip covering Akatarawa Road

2.25 PM, Friday 21 December

Akatarawa Road is now open to through traffic. There will still be heavy trucks moving debris along the road so drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution.

4.15 PM, Thursday 20 December

The slip is estimated to be over 1000 cubic metres and expected to take more than 1 and a half days to clear.

We request that residents please park their cars well clear of the site to enable contractors to clean up.

2.00 PM, Thursday 20 December

Akatarawa road is closed to through traffic and will remain so until tomorrow. Staglands is still accessible from the Upper Hutt (South) end of the road. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.

Please exercise caution if driving in the area.

11.40 AM, Thursday 20 December

There is a large slip on Akatarawa Road, blocking the road. The slip is located 3 km north of Staglands and has rendered the road impassable until the slip is cleared. Council officers are investigating and we’ll provide more information as it comes to light.