Upper Hutt City Council moved by colourful submission from preschool

Colourfully illustrated letters from the children of Premium Preschool in Heretaunga highlighted ways to care for local ducks and waterways.

Late last year Council was privileged to receive a group ‘submission’ from the children of Premium Preschool, Heretaunga. Sending a collection of drawings and news articles, they asked Council to post signs encouraging the public to be good stewards of the environment, by learning about the effects of feeding bread to ducks.

The children highlighted that bread makes ducks ill, and does not provide the nutrition they need. Also of importance is the effect of bread on the environment. Rotting bread in water sources causes surface algae, which kills fish, and makes the water smell.

Taking care of our environment is a priority for Council. “It’s exciting for Council to be able to support community-lead initiatives to keep our ecosystems thriving. Premium Preschool is doing a great job at educating and empowering children in the community to learn about sustainable practice.” says Council Sustainability Officer, Kylie Robinson.

The first duckfeeding sign was officially unveiled yesterday morning at Heretaunga Park with Mayor Wayne Guppy, Sustainability Officer, Kylie Robinson, staff and children of Premium Preschool, and local ducks that enjoyed the oats provided to celebrate the occasion.

The sign outlines foods that are nutritious and delicious for ducks, such as cut seedless grapes, peas, oats and birdseed. Signs will be posted at Te Haukaretu, Birchville, and Heretaunga parks which are popular with Upper Hutt ducks and visitors alike.

Council values input from young people. During Long Term Plan consultation last year, Council ran a tailored workshop with Spearhead Leaders and other invited youth representatives, to better hear youth voices on our plans and projects. It is important that people of all ages have their say through submissions and feedback, and Premium Preschool’s input is a prime example of young people thinking strategically for our future.