Wellington Water: Baking hot days prompt call for ‘mindful’ water use

Wellington Water is asking residents to be mindful with their water use as the hot weather baking the country enters a third day.

While long term water storage levels are good, unprecedented daily demand has been putting the supply system under pressure, said Jeremy McKibbin, acting general manager of operations for Wellington Water.

“The network can struggle with refilling reservoirs overnight when there’s excessive use. Of course we recognise it’s hot, and using water to cool the kids off is part of what summer’s all about.

“We just want people to be mindful and not waste it. Make sure water goes where it’s useful. Put off washing the windows or watering the lawn for a few days until it cools down.”

Mr McKibbin said water use had jumped up right across Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua. If key reservoirs in these cities could not be refilled to normal operating levels, it could lead to reduced pressure and water quality issues as sediment in the reservoirs was stirred up.

This is part of a media release from Wellington Water. To read the full release, go to wellingtonwater.co.nz/about-us/news/baking-hot-days-prompt-call-for-mindful-water-use/