What do you think about Easter Sunday trading in Upper Hutt?

In late 2016, the Upper Hutt City Council received initial feedback from the retail community on whether to allow wider trading on Easter Sunday. At that stage, feedback was limited and a decision was made to reconsider the issue in time for Easter 2018.  Further input is now requested from the retail and business community and the wider public.

The options are whether to:

  1. Introduce a policy that would enable all shops to choose whether they wish to trade or not.
  2. Retain the status quo of restricted Easter Sunday trading, which means shops must remain closed unless the Shop Trading Hours Act allows them to open (examples include dairies, restaurants and service stations)

Have your say

By Monday 14 August 2017, we would like your initial input about the options outlined above.

Your views will help Council to consider whether to kick off formal consultation on a new policy allowing wider trading on Easter Sunday from 2018 onwards.  A policy would enable shops to choose whether they wished to trade or not.

In particular, we would appreciate your comments on the following questions:

  • Which option do you support: a new policy or the status quo?
  • If you support a new policy, should the Council’s policy cover trading in the entire city or only part(s) of the city?

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Timeframe and process

To potentially introduce a new policy in time for Easter 2018, the policy must be in place by December 2017.

If Council decides to proceed with formal public consultation to adopt a new policy, you will have a further opportunity to have a say on wider Easter Sunday trading and a proposed policy.

If an Easter Sunday trading policy is not developed, the status quo will remain, which means most shops must remain closed on Easter Sunday unless the Shop Trading Hours Act allows you to open (examples include dairies, restaurants and service stations).

More information

If you need further information or have any questions, please contact Rachel Chrystall, Policy Advisor, on (04) 527 2169.


Section 5A of the Shop Trading Hours Act introduced in 2016 allows councils to adopt a local Easter Sunday shop trading policy so as to allow shops to open in the whole city or defined parts of it. The Act does not allow a policy to:

  • permit shops to open only for some purposes; or
  • permit only some types of shops to open; or
  • specify times at which shops may or may not open; or
  • include any other conditions as to the circumstances in which shops in the area may open.

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Last updated on 02 Aug 2017