When compared to many other city centres throughout the greater Wellington region, Upper Hutt is truly unique. It is close to New Zealand’s capital city Wellington; it has modern and easily accessible transport links and ICT infrastructure; a highly skilled workforce; a supportive Council;  and an attractive portfolio of investment and development opportunities.

People living and/or working in Upper Hutt, enjoy a relaxed and simple lifestyle in a fantastic climate. The city and its surrounding suburbs provide residents with affordable and high quality housing. The abundance of green spaces such as parks and reserves, cycle-ways, running tracks and golf courses, are just some of the city’s advantages valued highly by businesses and residents alike.

Upper Hutt has recently benefited from the expansion of many established businesses, as well as significant investment from start-ups and large industrial developments. Businesses investing in Upper Hutt span every sector including: government departments; defence; data management; manufacturing and processing; environmental regeneration; storage facilities; electronics; retail; tourism; hospitality; and film.

We are dedicated to supporting our business community at every level. From assisting with the investment process via scoping, research and networking, to practical skills-based training, lower business rates, development and relocation grants, and efficient processes for consents.

Our business community has a dynamic, creative and collaborative way of working that results in innovative outcomes and positive partnerships for everyone.

Almost every sector of commerce and industry is represented in Upper Hutt. We are already home to a thriving ICT sector with multi-million dollar developments underway. Engineering, fabrication and manufacturing companies are also experiencing considerable growth. Our retail sector is modest, but stable – as our population grows, so does the demand for more outlets.

For further information about investment and business opportunities in Upper Hutt, please contact Stuart Grant, our Economic Development Manager.

Last updated on 29 Aug 2018