Upper Hutt’s CBD is centred on Main Street and provides quality retail experiences for its loyal residents and frequent visitors. The city centre is home to a distinctive blend of boutique shops and cafés that attract visitors from the neighbouring Hutt City and South Wairarapa. Upper Hutt’s retail hub consists of 70 stores that provide a broad range of products and services. The Mall, at the northern end of Main Street, a shopping centre that houses an additional 25 stores.

Critical Mass

The commercial zoned footprint of the Upper Hutt city centre has an area of 32.9ha and is recognised as a Sub-Regional Centre in the Wellington Regional Strategy. The city centre has benefited from recent redevelopments and renewal, most notably the refurbishment and expansion of The Mall. A range of recreational activities and big box retailers are located on the opposite side of the railway line, which include Maidstone Park Sports Centre, Maidstone Max and the Orongomai Marae.


The city centre is well connected to major road and railway lines. Famous for the novelty of its free parking, Upper Hutt’s public transport is easily accessible. The railway station/bus terminus-interchange is conveniently located within walking distance of the CBD.

Built Environment

The existing built-form of the city centre is predominantly single and double-storey commercial buildings with retail frontage at ground level. This creates a pleasant pedestrian environment with plenty access to sunlight. The city centre has no major constraints in terms of its existing layout and can customised to serve the city’s needs in future. The  council encourages and supports comprehensive residential developments within the CBD.

Beyond the plentiful opportunities in the city centre for retailers and developers, there is potential for investment in several suburban retail centres. The following areas currently provide a limited range of retail business and recreation

Silverstream Village

Silverstream Village has an existing Business Commercial zoned footprint of 1.2ha, and is already a compact urban village sustaining a variety of neighbourhood services. The village adjoins a commuter railway station and has excellent access to arterial traffic routes, including State Highway 2 and Fergusson Drive.

Camp Street

Camp Street, Trentham has an existing Business Commercial zoned footprint of 0.67 ha, and hosts a small shopping centre with a limited number of services. However, it is within close proximity to a diverse range of activities and developments and could certainly sustain a tight-knit mixed-use village in the future.

Brown Owl

The Brown Owl neighbourhood shops have an existing Business Commercial zoned footprint of 0.16 ha. It sits at a junction of two urban/rural mix localities and offers an affordable option to first-time investors.

Totara Park

Totara Park shopping centre has an existing Business Commercial zoned footprint of 0.5 ha.

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Last updated on 06 Nov 2018