Houses, swimming pools, landscape projects, commercial buildings, decks, garden sheds and fences are just some of the projects Parapine helps realise for builders and DIY enthusiasts from all over Upper Hutt, Wellington and the Wairarapa. Lance Harvey and John Moen have owned Upper Hutt’s specialist building supply business for the past fifteen years and their passion for building means that the pair wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We provide everything a builder needs for a house from the ground up – timber, plywood, hardware, wooden mouldings and finishings, tools, letterboxes and everything in between,” John explains. “We are committed to supporting locally-made and New Zealand-made products whenever we can. If we don’t stock something a customer needs, we can almost always find a way to get it or at least point them in the right direction.”

While Parapine’s product range is vast, spanning a large yard and showroom, it is Lance and John’s collective experience of timber processing, saw milling and the construction industry that has helped them establish a reputation for quality building materials, expert and experienced staff, and a reliable and personal service.

“Some customers know what they’re looking for but others are grateful for our expertise and leave with a better solution than they originally planned,” Lance says. “Sending customers on their way with the right product for the right job is what keeps us going. And why we have so many customers who rely on us for all their building projects.”

John believes that being owners and operators is a real advantage. “We can make decisions on the spot to suit a customer’s needs. There’s no waiting to check something with head office. There’s no need for clearance from someone higher up the chain to organise a special delivery for a customer with a tight deadline. We just do it.”

Parapine considers many of Upper Hutt’s benefits as major assets including: being based near River Road for easy access to the city; a beautiful view of Maidstone Park; less costly overheads and spare land nearby for expansion as the business grows.

Lance and John are both proud to have been born and bred in Upper Hutt. “It’s a strong and safe community – the ideal place to raise a family in. And we appreciate the two minute commute to work!” Lance says.

“We have committed to building long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff, and are pleased to be one of the largest local supporters of many of Upper Hutt organisations and charities,” John explains. “We have always sponsored and given prizes to local schools, parks, sporting and service club because it’s a community we believe in.”

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Last updated on 21 May 2018