From a retro-fitted ranch slider for Mrs Jones around the corner in Upper Hutt, to hundreds of different sized doors and windows for a 16-storey, twin-tower apartment building in Wellington, Westview Aluminium designs, manufactures and installs high quality aluminium joinery for residential and commercial customers all over the lower North Island.

Since the mid-1990s when Westview started out in Upper Hutt, founder and Managing Director, Ian Ferguson explains that aluminium joinery has come a long way.

“There was a time when there was only one type of glass and a very limited range of aluminium profiles, colours and handles to choose from. The options are now vast and the performance of various components has improved significantly. For example, thermally broken frames help reduce condensation while Low E glass reduces heat loss. Replacing old windows and doors with double-glazed aluminium joinery is increasingly popular too.”

It’s a highly competitive industry but Westview has successfully filled a gap in the market. Co-owner and director Paul Cunningham says, “Our backgrounds in construction as project managers and builders have proven to be a unique competitive advantage. Our customers want to talk to people who know, first hand, what’s involved in custom-made aluminium joinery from start to finish.”

Westview started out as a small business with one staff member. It has since grown to a team of 28 including Ian’s son Ray Fergusson, who also has a background in construction.

“Making aluminium joinery in New Zealand is highly technical with very strict standards and regulations,” Ian says. “We know our products inside out – the materials, the manufacturing and installation process. Our customers – especially architects, main contractors and builders – appreciate our commitment to high quality. We only use New Zealand made aluminium profiles which are superior to imported alternatives. Our experience in construction and expertise in aluminium joinery make our customers’ job easier. It saves them time and reduces their risk.”

Upper Hutt was and still is the obvious place for Westview to be based. Ian explains “When we first looked for a workshop to rent, the cost was far less in Upper Hutt than in other commercial centres. Upper Hutt has a good pool of staff with the skills we need – mainly construction and fabrication.”

“Upper Hutt’s central location is ideal,” Paul says. “It’s as easy to service a client in Miramar as it is in Masterton. We can get almost everything we need in our street – from engineering services to vehicle maintenance. It’s a very supportive business community. We enjoy Upper Hutt for the lifestyle it offers – it’s a short commute to work and we appreciate being able to head away with staff for local hunting, fishing and diving expeditions.”

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Last updated on 21 Mar 2018