Council is committed to supporting business crime prevention in our city. There are a number of free services and information sources available to Upper Hutt retailers to improve resilience and awareness of prevention techniques.

If you have a particular concern you would like to raise with Council, please contact Sarah Garnham, our Retail Coordinator.

NZ Police resources

Business Crime Prevention Guide

The NZ Police website which provides information and video clips on business crime prevention including the Business Crime Prevention Guide (printable version online). This book is available in several languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Gujarati and can be viewed and printed from the NZ Police website:

Social media

Follow the Wellington District Police Facebook page for updates and useful tips on keeping safe in your community.

Trespass Notice Form

You might want someone to leave your home or place of work for a number of reasons. They may be committing offences on your property, such as shoplifting, being disorderly or simply have no right to be there.

There is no legal requirement to give a trespass notice in writing. However, a written document reinforces the situation for the person given the trespass notice; they cannot say they did not know of the notice and requirement to leave and not return.

View or download a Trespass Notice Form from the NZ Police website.

Privacy issues and CCTV cameras

Information on privacy issues, CCTV cameras and the guidelines for their use can be found on the Privacy Commissioner’s website where you can download full guidelines about CCTV cameras, including a section for small business (on the last page) and a guide to the Privacy Act for businesses, agencies and organisations. Here are links we find useful:

Operation SNAP

As a business owner an online asset list with serial numbers is a vital component of business security. Operation SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership) is an initiative of the New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent burglary and property offending, and make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods in New Zealand. The SNAP website allows people to enter and maintain details of all of their important possessions or assets. The asset list can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Asset list details can be retrieved and forwarded on to Police and insurance companies. If you are a retailer you can encourage people to use SNAP by telling customers about it at point-of-sale. There are stickers and pamphlets available free of charge for distribution.

Neighbourhood Support – New Zealand

You don’t have to join or start a group to access useful resources about making your neighbourhood a safer place in which to live. Neighbourhood Support provide a number of excellent fact sheets to get you better prepared on a range of topics, including your home and property, violence, dishonesty, general neighbourhood issues, and more.
For more information visit the Neighbourhood Support website at

Community Patrol – Upper Hutt

Upper Hutt Community Patrol is made up of volunteers who care for the safety and security of their community. Patrols are not a part of the police force, but do work very closely with the local police in supporting and protecting our community.

Patrollers do not get directly involved in police actions and never see themselves in any situation that is best handled by experienced police officers.

The value of a patrol is at its greatest when simply reporting incidents to the police that might prevent harm to the people and property of their community. They do this with regular vehicle patrols of the whole Upper Hutt area, concentrating on areas that are of particular concern to the police.

Often the patrols take place through the night, although they do provide patrolling services to local events also.

You can join Community Patrol, and find out more about the services they offer on the Upper Hutt Community Patrol website.


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Last updated on 18 Mar 2019