Akatarawa Cemetery is located just north of Upper Hutt City in the beautiful bush clad Akatarawa Valley providing a tranquil setting to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

Scroll down for more information or use the links in the resources and links section for additional information including a ‘Second Schedule’ (Warrant of Interment) application.

Visiting hours

Gates open daily from 8.00am to 6.00pm (8.00pm during daylight saving). Contact the cemetery on (04) 526 7030 during office hours and (04) 971 9453 after hours.

A map of Akatarawa Cemetery (in PDF format) can be downloaded from the Resources & Links section.

For Upper Hutt residents, a door to door free bus service operates on the last Tuesday of the month. Bookings can be made through (04) 526 7030.

Akatarawa Cemetery database

Use the link provided below to search the Akatarawa Cemetery database for genealogical enquiries and records of burials or contact the Sexton or Council Offices for further information. The Sexton is also able to provide advice on where people are buried, interments, reserve plots as well as responding to genealogy enquiries.

Search the Akatarawa Cemetery database

Places of rest

There are four options available for the interment of burials and ashes, at Akatarawa Cemetery. They are Memorial Garden, Memorial Tree, Plaque section or Headstone section. There are also special areas available for the scattering of ashes.

A Book of Remembrance is available for memorial inscriptions which can be arranged through the Sexton or your chosen funeral director.

Memorial garden

This is a beautiful setting for the interment of ashes where the ashes are placed around the edges of existing flower gardens.

Memorial tree

The Memorial Tree is an option for the interment of ashes. Up to four plaques can be placed under a tree at North, South, East and West locations. Each plaque has the provision to inter up to four sets of ashes.

Plaque section

The plaque section is available for both burials and cremations. These memorials are simple and dignified ways to commemorate a life, and are becoming increasingly popular.

Headstone section

The headstone section is available for both burials and cremations. The headstone section with a single upright granite structure at the head of the grave is a traditional means of honouring a life.

Funeral hours

Funeral hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm excluding public holidays, Saturday from 8.00am to 1.00pm excluding public holidays.

Akatarawa cemetery rules

For details on relevant forms and schedules related to burying a loved one please download our Akatarawa Cemetery Rules. This document also provides information such as legal obligations between parties, and general guidelines that ensures everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable experience at Akatarawa Cemetery.

View/download the Akatarawa Cemetery Rules [PDF 1.73MB]

The rules for our parks and reserves also apply to Akatarawa Cemetery.

View/download the Upper Hutt City Council Parks and Reserves Rules [PDF 199 KB]

General information

The following information is a general guide to the regulations for the cemetery and commonly asked questions.

  • Information on memorial dimension regulations can be viewed in detail in the Akatarawa cemetery rules, or alternatively a copy of the bylaws is available from the Sexton or Council.
  • The Sexton’s approval must be obtained before burial of any sort takes place.
  • Approved flower receptacles which fit into an inset in the concrete berm in the plaque sections are available for sale from the Sexton.
  • For the headstone sections there is a free plaster base available which holds the receptacle until the headstone is installed.
  • Glass jars and other types of containers are prohibited.
  • Name plates are installed after interment.
  • Crosses may not be erected and headstone or plaque bases may not be painted.
  • Installation of memorials is to be undertaken by a suitably qualified person approved by the Sexton.
  • All general maintenance of the graves excluding monuments is carried out by the Sexton (for example, top soiling and re-grassing).
  • For unveiling ceremonies please contact the Sexton to arrange a suitable time.
  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.


The first burial at the cemetery was in March 1903. Further developments were done in 1952 when it became a lawn cemetery, with special areas being set aside for burial and cremation plots for adults, children and Returned Service persons.

For further enquiries, contact Neil Whiteman, the Sexton through the following methods, or alternatively email us.

Phone: (04) 526 7030
Fax: (04) 526 7031
Mobile: 027 249 4836
After Hours: (04) 971 9453

The Akatarawa cemetery is managed by the Parks and Reserves Division and is operated on a daily basis by the Sexton.

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Last updated on 21 Feb 2019