Who can be nominated?

Any person who has carried out meritorious voluntary community service for the City of Upper Hutt is eligible for nomination. It is likely, but not essential, that this community service will be in one of the fields of welfare, youth or aged services, community education, cultural activities or sport and recreation administration.

Who qualifies?

Recipients of the award will be residents of Upper Hutt. Except in exceptional circumstances, an award will not be made to a person who has received other public recognition for the community service in the form of awards such as those conferred through the New Zealand Honours system. A person who has already received a Civic Award cannot receive it again.

Who should make the nomination?

A nomination must be signed by at least two residents of Upper Hutt, or if the nomination is from an Upper Hutt organisation, it must be signed by at least two executive members of that organisation. It is not necessary to obtain prior consent of the person being nominated. If a nomination is successful, the nominee will be contacted to ascertain whether he or she wishes to accept the award.

Completing the nomination form

Please complete the nomination form located in the Resource & Links section and follow the instructions in each section closely. It is important that you provide as much information as possible about your nominee, and try to explain what their actual contribution in an area has been, as opposed to just listing jobs or posts held. The following should not be submitted: original documents, testimonials and references that do not relate to the nomination, books, videos, tape recordings and photographs.

Who decides who should receive an award?

The Civic Awards Committee is made up of the Mayor, two Upper Hutt City Councillors and two community representatives selected by the Council.

Are nominators advised once a decision is made?

Yes. Nominators will receive a letter advising whether the nomination has been successful.

Unsuccessful nominations

If a nomination is unsuccessful, you may submit the nomination in the following or future years. Unsuccessful nominations, or details of the people who nominated them will not be made public.

When are nominations taken?

Nominations can be received at any time. The Civic Awards Committee meet mid-year to consider any applications. An advert will be placed nearer the Committee meeting calling for nominations.

Completed nomination forms

The completed nomination form and attachments can be sent at any time and should be sent to:

Kerrie Falconer
Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Upper Hutt City Council
Private Bag 907
Upper Hutt 5140

For further information, please contact:

Kerrie Falconer
Phone: (04) 527-2189
Email:   kerrie.falconer@uhcc.govt.nz

Nominations can be received throughout the year and will be placed on hold until nominations close.

Civic Award Recipients

1985  Mrs Mary Richardson

1985  Mr Graham Stokes

1985  Mr Leonard Robert Stringer

1985  Mr Harry St Johnston

1986  Mr Eric Hamlet Brown

1986  Mr Gordon James Hamilton

1987  Mr Norman Griffin

1987  Mr Jack Wilson

1987  Mr Lily Wilson

1987  Mrs Elizabeth Garratt

1988  Mrs Heather Small

1988  Mrs Norma Weddell

1989  Mr Eric Marsh

1989  Mrs Nan Marsh

1989  Mr Eddie Just

1989  Miss Mavis Adlam

1990  Mr Mervyn Walker

1990  Mrs Margaret Walker

1990  Upper Hutt Citizens Advice Bureau

1991  Mrs Joan Atkins

1991  Mrs Elizabeth Golightly

1991  Mr Gavin Bucknell

1991  Mr Bill Hack

1992  Mr Joe Cochrane

1992  Sister Mary Constance

1992  Mr Jock McEwen

1992  Mr Keith Stewart

1993  Mr Leonard Edwards

1993  Mr John Philipson

1994  Mrs Audrey Harper

1994  Mr Richard Fellows

1995  Mr Douglas Ormrod

1995  Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club

1998  Mr Tom Wood

1999  Mr Donald Whiteman

1999  Mr Bruce Bold

2000  Ms Roz Brown

2000  Mr Vivian Ruka

2001  Mr Peter Richardson

2003  Mrs Adrianne Chandler

2003  Mr Michael Aamodt

2003  Mr Francis Stevenson

2007  Mrs Sue Millar

2007  Mr Colin Gething

2009  Mr Kevin Adams

2009  Mrs Clare Derby

2011  Mr John Morrison

2013  Mr James W Noice

2014  Mr Ian James

2014  Mr Peter Owles

2015  Mr Ashley Bennett

2015  Mr David Butcher

2015  Mr Syd Giles

2015  Mr Arthur Speer

2016  Mr Phil Grocott

2016  Mr Wayne Myers

2016  Dr Barry Wards

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Last updated on 09 Aug 2017