Disability Support

Council aims to support the community to be more inclusive of those living with a disability or impairment.

Through supporting local and valley wide initiatives, programmes and steering groups, and by creating our own resources such as the Enhancing Accessibility training guide, we aim to encourage people both in the community and workplace to gain a better understanding of disability.

Total Mobility Scheme

Funded in partnership by local and central government, the Total Mobility Scheme assists people with long term impairments to access appropriate transport to meet their daily needs and enhance their community participation.

Click here for more information or to download a Total Mobility application form.

New Zealand Disability Services

If you require Ministry-funded support services, it’s best to talk to a needs assessment and service coordination centre.

Click here for a list of services and centres available.

Health and disability related benefits

If a health practitioner feels that a person may be able to get assistance because of their health conditions or disability they will often transfer them to their local Work and Income provider.

For more information about health and disability assistance visit the Work and Income website

Enhancing Accessibility

An Upper Hutt City Council resource developed with the support of Pam MacNeill Consulting, to support and encourage social change, equality and accessibility in the costumer service sector. Enhancing Accessibility provides staff with guidance on how to provide excellent service to people with disabilities.

Download a copy of the Enhancing Accessibility training guide here

My Life My Way

Upper Hutt City Council is a member of the My Life My Way Disability Transport and Employment and Technology Steering groups. The groups aim to identify and find solutions for disability issues in the Hutt Valley. Both groups are made up of disability services, local and regional government representatives, and members of the community living with a disability.

Click here for more information

Upper Hutt City Council also aligns with the National Disability Strategy.

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For enquiries regarding disability please contact:

Tania Wilkinson, Community Development Advisor
(04) 527 2169

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Last updated on 14 Dec 2018