White Ribbon

White Ribbon Day is held annually on November 25th with events occurring throughout the country during the month of November. White Ribbon is a campaign that aims to eliminate men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to take ownership of this important issue and model good behaviour that can change men’s attitudes about respectful relationships.

For more information about White Ribbon visit the White Ribbon website

For information about family violence in New Zealand visit the Family Violence It’s Not Ok website

To demonstrate Upper Hutt City Council’s commitment to a safer city and a reduction in family violence offences, Upper Hutt City Council has both led and supported White Ribbon initiatives in the community for several years including:

  • Timberlea White Ribbon family fun day 2014
  • Rolling Haka 2014
  • Harcourt Park White Ribbon family/whanau day 2015
  • Rolling Haka 2015
  • Lane Park White Ribbon family fun day 2016
  • Upper Hutt City White Ribbon Awareness campaign 2016
  • Upper Hutt City Council White Ribbon bumper sticker initiative 2016
  • Harcourt Park White Ribbon Family Fun Day 2017

Neighbourhood Support

Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live.

Neighbourhood Support Groups enable people to share information, ideas and insights and contributes to a more informed, connected and resilient Upper Hutt.

There are over 135 groups equating to 1804 households within in Upper Hutt. New members are always welcome. To find out how to join, or to start a Neighbourhood Support Group in your street, contact nsupperhutt@gmail.com

Upper Hutt Neighbourhood Support, also supports the Junior Neighbourhood Support Programme in two Upper Hutt Schools. For more information about Neighbourhood Support New Zealand visit the Neighbourhood Support New Zealand website

Upper Hutt Community Patrol

Upper Hutt Community Patrollers are volunteers giving their time and taking responsibility within our community to help the Police make Upper Hutt safer for everyone.

Community patrollers act as ‘eyes and ears’ for police. Patrolling in pairs, patrollers note anything that could be suspicious and inform police immediately of incidents requiring urgent attention. For more information or to join Upper Hutt Community Patrol visit the Upper Hutt Community Patrol website

Safe Hutt Valley

The Community Development team work towards creating a safer community for everyone in Upper Hutt. This is through supporting community led initiatives, understanding community needs and working with local and regional organisations.

We focus on a wide range of initiatives including family violence, safety, community connectedness and, graffiti prevention. For more information visit the Safe Hutt Valley website.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a collaborative campaign organised and supported by Lifewise, Inspiring Communities, The Mental Health Foundation, Neighbourhood Support NZ, Christchurch Methodist Mission and Public Libraries of NZ. Nationwide thousands of neighbours, organisations, local government and local businesses have been involved, bringing neighbours together over the last weekend in March each year.  Upper Hutt City Council supports the Neighbours Day campaign  and encourages neighbours to get to know each other.

To initiate your own Neighbours Day event or for more information about Neighbours Day  visit the Neighbours Day Aotearoa website

Whether you live in a suburb, on a city block, in an apartment or on a rural property, you have neighbours – and knowing your neighbours matters. Every connection you have with your neighbours makes your neighbourhood more friendly, fun and safe.  By encouraging better connected neighbourhoods and more everyday ‘neighbourliness’, neighbours can be stronger and more resilient, significantly enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, family/whanau and the wider community.

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

Click here to prepare your household for an emergency, or to prepare for an emergency with your neighbours

Sign up to get emergency alerts from the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) through the Red Cross Hazards App here.

For more information about WREMO visit the WREMO website

Through the establishment of strong community networks and local connections, together our community can become more resilient in times of emergency, ensuring a safe environment for those in need.

In collaboration with WREMO Upper Hutt City Council encourages communities to develop preparedness plans and to be connected to their neighbours.

WREMO empowers communities to build the resilience and continuity necessary so that the region is prepared to respond to, and recover from, natural and man-made emergencies.

WREMO works towards an increase in community resilience through engagement, empowerment and connectedness.
Building operational capability and capacity to provide appropriate response.



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Last updated on 21 Nov 2018