Q    My dog has died, am I able to get a refund on my dog registration fees?

A    Yes you can. Refund request forms are available from the cashier’s desk, Level 2 Civic Administration Building, Upper Hutt City Council, 838 Fergusson Drive Upper Hutt, or you can contact Animal Control on 527 2169 and a form will be posted out to you. Your refund will be deposited directly into your bank account, so verification of your account is also required. Please provide Council with a death certificate if you have taken your dog to your vet, as well as your dog tag. The refund will be a pro rata amount which is calculated on what month of the registration year your dog died.

Q    How can I apply for Responsible Owner Status and what does it mean?

   Responsible Owner status replaced Special Owner status and was approved by Council in June 2011. The intent behind the change to the classification is to provide a better way to protect dog owners and other people from dogs who have in the past got out of their property and been able to roam, or been able to rush at or attack people visiting their property.

Dog owners who were already registered as Special Owners were automatically given Responsible Owner status when the new policy was introduced. The change affects all new dog owners to Upper Hutt. As a new owner you are required to write into Animal Control at Upper Hutt City Council requesting a property inspection by an Animal Control Officer.

Prior to the inspection, dog owners need to ensure the following is in place:

  • the property allows dog free access to a door of your residence and/or
  • you have signs erected near the front entrance alerting people to the presence of dogs
  • you register your dog by 1 August every year
  • you have not been issued with an infringement or had your dog impounded more than once within the last 12 months.

If your dog is impounded more than once or you receive an infringement within a twelve month period you will have your responsible owner status revoked. After 12 months you may reapply for responsible owner status so long as your dog does not get impounded again or you receive an infringement.

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Last updated on 05 Jul 2018