Reduced registration fees are available to those dog owners who meet the responsible owner status criteria. These criteria are:

  • you can demonstrate good control over your dog when an Animal Control Officer inspects your property
  • you keep your dog(s) securely contained within your property and allow people access to a door of your residence without encountering the dog(s) or
  • you have signs erected on or near the front entrance of your property alerting to the presence of my dog(s)
  • you register your dog(s) by 1 August of each year
  • you have not been issued an infringement notice or you have not had your dog(s) impounded more than once within the last 12 months

To apply, complete the responsible owner application form and send it in to us. We will then contact you to arrange a visit.

Applications can be made throughout the year however inspections will only be carried out between 1 February and 31 May each year.

You will be sent a letter confirming receipt of your application. An Animal Control Officer will contact you during the inspection period to arrange a suitable time to visit your property.

If you are renting a property where the dog is being kept, a letter from your landlord allowing you to keep the dog on that property is required.

Use the link in the Resource & Links section to view frequently asked questions about responsible dog owner status.

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Last updated on 13 Dec 2017