Building Consent requirements are set by central government (in Wellington) and are intended to ensure that buildings are safe, healthy and durable.

Resource consent requirements are determined by the Upper Hutt City Council district plan and are based around conditions specific to Upper Hutt and the District Plan zones (residential, industrial, rural etc.) They address effects on the wider environment  – including noise, traffic and amenity.

Depending on the nature of the proposed work a building consent and/or resource consent may be required. Council staff are happy to advise on individual situations.

Upper Hutt City Council participates simpli and uses simpli forms for certain applications. Our website links to simpli forms and guides, the shift forms are writable PDF which can be downloaded and completed on your electronic device. Should you need help finding forms please call, we are here to help.

Building Guide

Building Application Forms

Building Application Form Guides

Construction Statements

Certificate of Title for Building Consent, Resource Consents and Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

Fees and Charges

Planning Application Forms and Guidance Documents


Ways to Pay

Use the link in the Resources and Menu for more information on how to make a payment to Upper Hutt City Council.


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Last updated on 15 Feb 2019