Upper Hutt City Council is committed to supporting local event organisers that deliver events which positively impact residents of Upper Hutt City and help achieve Council’s long term vision.

Council has a contestable pool of event funding available for supporting a limited number of events in Upper Hutt City each year. In order for your event to be considered for funding you must be first able to provide an understanding of how the event will support Council in achieving its long term vision.

The contestable event fund is open to all events run in Upper Hutt, with preference given to new and/or significant events. Some things you should be aware of when applying for funding:

  • Funding cannot be granted retrospectively.
  • Council will not grant money for wages, salaries or event management fees.
  • The maximum funding you can apply for is $5,000.

The 2018 funding round is now closed.
The fund will reopen for applications on Friday 1 June 2019.

The funding round will open for applications from 1 June 2019 to 30 June 2019, and will apply for all events taking place in Upper Hutt from 1 July 2019 ­– 30 June 2020.

The steps in applying for funding lie below:

  1. Complete and sign the event funding application form
  2. Attach all supporting documentation including an event overview, which should include:
    • A bank deposit slip (for bank acc. details)
    • Adverse weather plan
    • Rubbish disposal plan (can be included in waste minimisation plan)
    • A promotional plan
    • A budget (showing where funding will be spent)
  3. Send your completed application and supporting documentation to our physical address found at the bottom of the application form, or email to the address on the form.

Please refer to the resources and links section for information to help you complete your event funding application.

For more information on the event funding process you can contact Adam Reynard at adam.reynard@uhcc.govt.nz

Please note that Council’s decision on funding is final and event organisers must apply each year for annual events.

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Last updated on 27 Feb 2019