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Bridge Road update—Friday 6/11: Birchville bridge collapse

Work at the bluff is progressing well and is on track to be completed by the end of Saturday. Once this is done, the restricted pedestrian access in this area will be lifted and residents will be able to walk through uninterrupted. Until this time, this particularly dangerous area is only open to pedestrians for… Read more »

Moonshine accessway to receive a makeover

Upper Hutt City Council, Fergusson Intermediate, and artist Chimp explore design options for a mural makeover due to take place in the Moonshine Bridge pedestrian accessway during November. UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 5 November 2015—Creative and enthusiastic students from Fergusson Intermediate took part in a design workshop led by Hutt Valley artist Chimp on October… Read more »

Blue Mountains Road closed: 10:18am

Police have closed Blue Mountains Road due to a broken down truck and trailer. It is expected to be closed for 30 to 45 minutes. UPDATED AT 1.28PM, Friday 6 November 2015 Blue Mountains Road has been cleared and is now open. Read more »

Bridge Road update—Thursday 5/11: Birchville bridge collapse

Yesterday’s rain interrupted the contractors work to widen the track into a temporary road, however; the crew was back on site first thing this morning in a limited capacity, which increased as the day has progressed. Due to the height of the bluff being cut at on the track, this area is becoming increasingly dangerous… Read more »

Bridge Road update—Wednesday 3:30pm: Birchville bridge collapse

Bridge Road residents who have been braving cold showers while their gas is unavailable will be very pleased to hear that the part ordered to repair the one damaged by the collapse of the bridge has arrived and is now in place. Gas supply is now restored to the area and PowerCo have been to… Read more »

Bridge Road update—Tuesday 2:50pm: Birchville bridge collapse

We are getting comments that adults and children are crossing the collapsed bridge. The bridge must not be used it is highly dangerous and irresponsible to do so. An initial structural check of the bridge has been made. A 150mm gap has opened up in the bridge deck at the centre pier with 40mm movement… Read more »

Bridge Road update—Monday 5pm: Birchville bridge collapse

Birchville bridge collapse information – Monday 5:00pm Update Contractors continue to make excellent progress on the alternative access track and it is on target for completion on time.It is expected that the first phase (to widen the track) should be completed by the end of this week, and the sealing by the end of the… Read more »

Bridge Road update—Sunday 1/11: Birchville bridge collapse

Birchville bridge collapse information – Sunday 12:00 Update Contractors continue to make excellent progress on the alternative access track and it is on target for completion on time. Until this track is complete, rubbish cannot be collected and residents are advised to hold their rubbish at their properties until we can arrange a contractor to… Read more »

Bridge Road update—Saturday: Birchville bridge collapse

Contractors are now working to widen the track, making it more accessible. Bridge Street residents are able to walk through the track (approximately 20-30 minute walk) but need to take care with the machinery operating in the area. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the track. The previous update… Read more »

Bridge Road update —Friday: Birchville bridge collapse

There has been no change from the previous update (at midday Friday) Our Birchville residents can expect an information sheet delivered to them this evening. We will make every attempt to deliver this personally, to each household; however, if you are not at home or do not come to the door, this information sheet will… Read more »