Plan change 43 public consultation period has now closed.

There were no further submissions.

The Resource Management Act 1991 requires the District Plan to be reviewed within every 10 years. While sections of the introductory chapters have been reviewed within this period, a comprehensive review has not been completed since the Plan was notified in 2004.

Proposed Plan Change 43 (PC 43) has identified the outdated nature of Chapters 1 (Introduction to the Plan) and 2 (General Procedures) of the District Plan.  It proposes to combine these chapters and update their wording to reflect current best practice standards. It also proposes to relocate definitions of the Plan (currently in Chapter 35) to Chapter 2. Lastly, it has been proposed to remove Chapter 3 (Zoning) entirely. This is because the chapter is considered to be non-directive and emphasise principles already contained within the Act.

PC 43 seeks to update and simplify the introductory chapters of the District Plan to meet current best practice standards. This is intended to increase the usability, functionality, and relevance of the introduction section of the District Plan. The secondary purpose is to refine the resource consenting process explanation by combining all relevant information into a single section within the District Plan. This is intended to improve understanding and efficiency of the process for the benefit of the public and applicants alike.

Submissions on PC 43 have now closed. There were no further submissions.

Please see below for all relevant notification documents, proposed amendments to the District Plan, and submission forms.

The Ministry for the Environment has guidance on making a good submission.

If you have any further questions, please email: or phone (04) 527 2169.

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Proposed District Plan Changes (Report Appendices)

Form 6 – Further submissions


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Last updated on 16 Jun 2017