What is the Rural Strategy?

During 2013 and 2014, Council commenced work on developing a Rural Strategy. Consultation included surveys and workshops, and several key documents were produced.  You can view these in the Resources and Links section. 

At the same time, work started to review the Urban Growth Strategy that was adopted in 2007.  As this review progressed, it became clear that many issues were similar for both the urban and rural environments, so it was decided to bring together planning for both areas into one integrated, comprehensive document.  This document is called the ‘Land Use Strategy: Upper Hutt 2016-2043’

At the Council meeting on September 21 2016, Council adopted the Land Use Strategy 2016-2043.

You can find more information about the Land Use Strategy Upper Hutt 2016 – 2043 here.

 For further information contact the Strategy and Planning Division on (04) 527-2127 or email us.

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Last updated on 23 Sep 2016