Regional Rates

You receive your Wellington Regional Council rates bill along with your local council’s rates bill. Once a year Rates News is included, which illustrates how your Wellington Regional Council rates are spent.

Download a copy of the latest ‘Rates News’ from the Resources and Links section or for more information, visit the Greater Wellington Regional Council website

Where does your rates money go within Upper Hutt

Rates that are collected for Upper Hutt City Council go into the following categories:

  • Community services
  • Economic development
  • Planning and regulatory services
  • Leadership
  • Stormwater
  • Water supply
  • Land transport
  • Waste water and solid waste
  • Facilities

More information on how your rates are apportioned to these areas is available in our long term plans, annual plans, and reports which can be found in the publications section of our website.



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Last updated on 04 Jul 2017