Parking infringements

Links to information on parking infringement fees, payment enquiries, and the parking infringement review process are provided in the Resources and Links section.

Where you can park

To encourage people to come and shop or eat at the variety of stores and cafes that Upper Hutt has to offer, there are no parking charges for parking within the city centre. But to ensure that there is a fair turnover of cars parked in busy areas, posted time limits are enforced by Upper Hutt City Council parking wardens.

Areas that are monitored closely are those with short time frames posted, including the 10 minute parks outside the Mall entrance as well as the parks that range from 15 to 120 minutes.

The Parking Warden is also warranted to check that all cars parked within the CBD have current registrations and warrants of fitness.

If you would like to know where parks with larger time limits are in the city centre, we have prepared a map showing the availability of car parks for 120 minutes and longer.


Click here to download or view the map (PDF 452 KB).

Alternatively, use our online mapping tool ‘Xplorer’ for a more detailed and interactive map. Instructions on how to view car parking in the CBD are provided below.

1. Click here to open Xplorer (will open in a new window)
2. Click on the arrow ( > ) underneath the Upper Hutt City logo. This will open the ‘Information Pane’.
Xplorer arrow
3. Click on ‘Show Legend‘ (found at the very bottom-left of the Information Pane).
xplorer-show legend
4. Use your mouse to drag the map left, right, up and down. Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the map.

Accessible parking in our city

There are a number of accessible car parks located throughout the CBD. These are clearly defined as they are painted blue. Any car found parking in these car parks that does not display a mobility permit will be ticketed.

Mobility card holders can park on any marked mobility car park within Upper Hutt City for twice the marked time restriction up to a maximum of 120 minutes. That means that the time limits are extended as follows:

P15 – maximum time 30 minutes

P30 – maximum time 60 minutes

P60 – maximum time 120 minutes

P120 – maximum time 120 minutes

Please note that this policy does not apply to any mobility car parks contained within any private car park as these are outside the control of Council. For more information, refer to the Manual of Policies in the Resources and Links section.

For information on how to apply for a mobility permit telephone CCS Disability Action on phone 0800 227 2255 or visit their website –

Links to more information including parking infringements and public transport are provided in the Resources and Links section.

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Last updated on 27 Aug 2018