The Upper Hutt City Council’s Roading division is responsible for the land transport activity and covers management of all land transport matters, including the city’s network of local roads.  Part of Council’s function is to ensure that the residents and visitors to Upper Hutt can move freely, efficiently and safely throughout the city.

Safety of all road users is a paramount concern of Council. Council works in conjunction with the NZ Police, the New Zealand Transport Agency, ACC, schools and community groups on road safety initiatives that work towards the New Zealand Safer Journeys vision of ‘A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury’.

Links to more roading information are provided in the Resources and Links section.

Safety improvements proposed for SH58, Haywards

From now until 21 August, the NZ Transport Agency will engage with the community who use State Highway 58 on a proposed package of safety improvements. Read the media release at


Get Ride Ready is a programme to get bikes and riders tuned up for a great season of riding in the Wellington region. It runs until 18 December 2017.
Here’s how the programme will work. Find out more about Get Ride Ready

Riders will call participating retailers to book their motorcycle in for a free 10-point safety check. In Upper Hutt, call Maidstone Yamaha 5289395
Ride Forever is ACC’s subsidised rider training programme with courses available for all skill levels, from beginner through to elite. Expert training like this has a value of around $300, but with the ACC subsidy courses usually cost riders $20 to $50. For this promotion, Councils in the Wellington region are subsidising things even further, so the courses are 100% free to any rider taking up the offer.
Riders simply need to enter the promo code Spring17 when booking at:

Winter Journeys

Be safe. Plan ahead

Driving during winter can be treacherous on parts of our highway roads that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. We want to ensure you enjoy safe and uninterrupted travel on our roads during winter so please read the information below and make sure you’re prepared to travel.

For the latest traffic and travel updates please visit our Traffic and travel page or call 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49).

New Drivers

Learning to Drive? has got heaps of cool stuff that will help you get confident behind the wheel.

Older Drivers


The CarFit campaign for mature drivers is about adjusting your car to be safe and comfortable. For more information about the CarFit and other road safety initiatives, click on the following link.

Find out more about CarFit

Adjusting your car to be safe and comfortable

The NZAA wants to keep senior drivers safe, confident and independently mobile for as long as possible, so they’re offering a FREE 1 hour coaching session to AA members aged 80 plus. This is a relaxed session with a friendly AA Driving Instructor in your own vehicle. Call 0800 223 748 or visit

Driver Distraction campaign

Upper Hutt City Council is supporting the New Zealand Transport Agency Driver Distraction campaign.

Find out more about the Driver Distraction campaign


Changes to the Land Transport Rules, which came into force on 1 December, include new rules for lights on bikes.The minimum distance that cycle lights must be visible to others has been increased to 200m and the time when cycle lights must be used has been extended to (from sunset to sunrise).

Wellington City Council and consumer have teamed up to produce a lights test in time for the shorter days. All the lights tested are available through NZ retailers. (this is only available online for the moment but will be published in the May print edition).


Less Speed, Less Harm

The single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today is speed – drivers travelling too fast for the conditions.

Adjust your speed to the conditions.

How well do you know the regulations around speed? Click on the links below to test your knowledge of road safety and speed.

Road Safety Speed Quiz [PDF 129 KB]

Road Safety Speed Quiz – School bus signs [PDF 106 KB]

Road Safety Week – Winter conditions [PDF 175 KB]

Collect your free ice scraper to clear your car windows on frosty mornings from any of the following locations:

  • Upper Hutt City Council reception
  • H2O Xtream
  • Upper Hutt City Library
  • i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

Intersections and Roundabouts

Crashes at intersections are an area of concern for the Wellington region, with poor observation being the leading cause. A campaign to address this issue is called Eyes On. It encourages viewers to have their ‘eyes on’ or be focused and pay attention at upcoming intersections and roundabouts.The campaign targets all road users in Upper Hutt and the rest of the Wellington region.

There are five key give way rules

Intersection Rules 1 and 2 [PDF 248 KB]

Intersection Rules 3, 4 and 5 [PDF 243 KB]

Do you signal and give way correctly at roundabouts?

Roundabouts turning left and right [PDF 194 KB]

Roundabouts going straight through [PDF 148 KB]

Test your knowledge of the rules on the following websites:

Share the Road

As the weather warms up more people will be out and about enjoying the outdoors.

Safe use of the road is a shared responsibility – We all need to work on it.



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Last updated on 06 Dec 2017